Oregon Fire Service Museum (OFSM) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to establishing and maintaining a statewide fire museum in order to share Oregon’s rich history of structural and wildland fire service, provide and promote public fire safety education for all ages, and honor those in fire service.  By preserving, restoring, and displaying fire service artifacts, the museum will tell the evolving story of fire prevention and suppression technology.  Additionally, the museum plans to collect personal stories and biographical information about the people involved in fire service to aid genealogists, historians, and others in their research.

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As budget constraints limit local public fire safety programs, the need is increasing for fire museums to contribute to the reduction of death and injury and the destruction of public and private property due to fire through effective fire safety exhibits and activities.  OFSM will partner with the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal to provide the most current and relevant life safety information available.

Currently our collection is dispersed in borrowed space in various parts of the state.  While we have made every effort to find secure locations to house our apparatus and other artifacts, many pieces are not stored under optimal conditions and are subject to continuing deterioration.  Periodically we are required to relocate apparatus, which is not only an expense to the museum, but it is increasingly difficult to find space large enough for our vehicles. Only a few of our apparatus are in settings where they can be viewed by the public, and even the museum’s curator has limited access in some situations.  The need for permanent, secure, and environmentally stable exhibit space is urgent.


OFSM is raising funds to construct a permanent facility to house and display a portion of our collection and enable us to further our educational goals.  We are preparing to build at Antique Powerland in Brooks, Oregon, just off I-5 near Oregon’s state capital, Salem.  The initial phase of construction will create a firehouse museum building reflecting the architecture of a 1920s two-bay, two-story firehouse with single-story education wings and a vehicle showroom behind the firehouse.  Further phased construction will add a memorial plaza, additional vehicle showroom space, and a restoration workroom. Learn more here.


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