Building Project

The Building Project

Oregon Fire Service Museum is negotiating a lease for property at Antique Powerland in Brooks, Oregon and has secured a letter of intent to that end.  Antique Powerland, a community of approximately fifteen heritage museums, is located just off of I-5 near Salem, Oregon’s capital.  Other museums on the site include the Pacific Northwest Truck Museum, a steam engine museum, a steam sawmill, a trolley museum, a logging museum, Caterpillar and farm equipment  museums, an early gas engine museum, an antique car and motorcycle museum, and several others.  Based on annual attendance records for Antique Powerland, OFSM anticipates welcoming between 30,000 and 40,000 visitors of all ages each year.

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For many years, OFSM has moved our fire trucks and displays from their borrowed warehouse spaces to a lot at Antique Powerland for a few major events there each year.  Using the site in this way, the museum has been able to exhibit some of our collection of vintage fire apparatus and engage visitors in fire safety education and special activities, making the museum popular with the general public.  OFSM has already made investments in the site, including installing water and power utilities, and grading and installing a gravel surface. Now the museum is preparing to build a permanent facility at the Antique Powerland site.


“The educational experiences and opportunities offered by the museum are invaluable in sharing a historic, honorable past and generating interest in an evolving future.”
– Mark Kreutzer, President, Oregon Fire District Directors Association

The initial phase of construction will create a firehouse museum building reflecting the architecture of a 1920s two-bay, two-story firehouse with single-story education wings, in keeping with Antique Powerland’s design standards.  Antique fire apparatus, artifacts, and displays will convey the technology and history of firefighting in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Visitors will enjoy interactive fire safety learning experiences. Behind the fire station, a showroom will accommodate a portion of the museum’s collection of antique and vintage fire apparatus. The second floor will provide office and archival storage areas as well as space that, with the addition of an elevator, can be developed in the future to include a major wildland firefighting exhibit. Further phased construction will add a memorial plaza, additional vehicle showroom space, and a restoration workroom. An additional display will utilize unique artifacts from Oregon factories that manufactured fire trucks from the 1940s into the 21st Century.


You can support our construction project with a donation or through our Buy a Yard of Concrete or Buy a Brick programs.

Antique Powerland: The future home of Oregon Fire Service Museum

Location: The Antique Powerland Museum Complex is located in Brooks, Oregon, just 1/4 mile west off of Exit 263 on I-5 (about 8 miles north of Salem). Go west 2 blocks on Brooklake Road and you will find Powerland on the north side of the road.

Visiting Antique Powerland: Please check Antique Powerland Museum’s website here for current hours, admission prices, and to learn more.

“The proposed physical location for the Oregon Fire Service Museum is a short distance from our Brooks Regional Training Center. We look forward to the opportunity for our students and staff to utilize the exhibits and historical equipment Oregon Fire Service Museum will display.”
– Staff, Chemeketa Community College, Emergency Services, Fire Service Program