Buy a Brick

Buy a Brick

Honor or memorialize a hero or loved one or showcase your personal or corporate support with an engraved brick in the museum’s entry area or memorial space. Your hero may be a firefighter or a whole fire department, but they could also be a police officer, soldier, mentor, minister, family member, etc. Oregon Fire Service Museum will store the bricks until the museum is constructed in Brooks, Oregon. Thank you for your support!

To order, download a Brick Order Form (PDF) and mail in your request.

Option 1: Purchase a large brick with 5 lines of type

Large Brick Photo

The large brick measures 8″x 8″. You may include one space between the five lines of text (indicate where you want a blank line added on your order form).

Purchase a small brick with 3 lines of type

Small Brick photo

The small brick measures 4″x 8″.

To order, download a Brick Order Form (PDF) and mail in your request.